Bloggin’ for the First Time

OK. So I had to “get a blog” so that I can make comments on Amanda’s blog. So what does “blog” mean …. anything? or nothing? Probably nothing.

Life is different. We are now the Reeves (six of us previously at home) minus one (Amanda at college) but plus two (Carol and Colby moved in). So that makes us reevesixminusoneplustwo, right? Oh well, I couldn’t think of anything else to put?!?

Psalm 18 (the Message) puts it well I think: “God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before Him. When i got my act together (I’m still in the process of doing that) He gave me a fresh start. . . Everyday I review the ways He works; I try not to miss a trick. . . What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every God-direction is road-tested. Everyone who runs toward Him makes it. (whew, that’s good to know!) . . Live, God! Blessings from my Rock, my free and freeing God, towering!! . . . That’s why I’m thanking You, God, all over the world. That’s why I’m singing songs that rhyme your name. “

So, I’m still striving. I’m so thankful that every God-direction is road-tested! Since I can’t see very far these days, I’m having to trust alot in the Driver and the Navigator. Brent will tell you that I’m a terrible back seat driver (usually I’m in the front seat, though, being a back seat driver … no fun for the real driver!) Well, I’m that way in my spiritual journey too. So, I’m thanking God everyday for His grace and mercy and patience!
He IS quite a God! and I do thank and praise Him today for His goodness and the journey thus far!

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