Nothing Apart from Mercy

Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus. Here’s a word you can take to heart and depend on: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. I’m proof- Public Sinner Number One! — of someone who could never have made it apart from sheer mercy!

6 thoughts on “Nothing Apart from Mercy

  1. normalisboring (aka tanya t)

    let me get this straight: MELODYE REEVES IS BLOGGING?! un-stinking-believable. and blog means “web log.” david isbell taught me that. welcome. and thanks for your comment on my last post. some others from church are linked off of mine, so take a look at theirs, too. love you


  2. normalisboring (aka tanya t)

    ps. i just now discovered your numerous cries for help from me!! lol. your blog looks great! very classy and catchy. blogger is not the most user-friendly place…i’ve had to get help in figuring out uploading pics, adding links, etc. amanda is probably WAY better at showing you how to do all that. but i think you’re looking good so far. talk your sister into doing one, too.


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