September 11 Remembered

I don’t know if Lisa Beamer would still say all of this today. I hope so. I sure know it’s where I want to be …

(Today’s Christian Woman, Sept ’02 issue)

“I don’t think God allowed September 11 to happen so I would depend on him more. But I think depending on him more is exactly what he wants me to do.
This phrase has been in my mind since September 11: “Look up.” Obviously I’ve had to look to God for strength and perspective. We can get so caught up in our narrow existence because that’s all we look at. That’s when we need to step back and ask, “Why was I put on this earth? What’s the big picture?”
If you’d asked us why we were put on this earth, Todd and I would have said to prepare for eternity and to help others do the same. If that truly was our goal, then I can’t think of anything we could have done with our lives that would have helped us reach it better than what happened on 9-11. It’s not the way I would have wanted, but in the grand scheme of things, everything will be okay.
We sang the hymn It Is Well with My Soul at Todd’s memorial service, and these words continue to ring through my mind: “Whatever my lot, he has taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul.” The only way it’s ever going to be well with your soul in a tough time is to see through God’s eyes your little life and his big creation. That perspective’s helped me most when I look around at all the things other families enjoy that my family can’t enjoy right now.”

2 thoughts on “September 11 Remembered

  1. Amanda

    hey mommy. good thoughts. you changed your profile. loser. just kidding. i love you.anywho, i was thinking today about 9-11 and where i was. so weird. i cant believe that 5 years ago we had just moved to Orting, and now here i am at college in Oregon. its crazy. well i love you. thanks so much for being amazing! your the best.


  2. Charlotte

    I just watched United 93 last night. It is such and emotional movie. It was extremely difficutly to watch; although I am glad that I did. There is still so much pain in the memories of that day. I can’t even imagine having lost a loved one in those attacks. I too wonder how Lisa Beamer is doing today.


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