The Blessings of Life

Thank You Great and Wonderful God for:

Brent – who blesses me daily, prays for me regularly, and has continued loving me for more than 20 years

Amanda – who is growing so much in Your grace and love – thank You for what she teaches me regularly

Lauren – the one that brings me laughter and hugs – how thankful I am for her mind and her ability to make us all smile when need one

Noodle – how thankful I am for her kind heart and compassion for those who are the underdog. she forgives, she loves, she shows mercy and grace.

J-man – who brings so much joy to our home an our lives – a true gem in our family

Cooka – the sister, aunt and mostly friend to us all in more ways than we can count – how thankful I am for her, her love for Jesus and others and her continued taxi service!

Colbs – the wise and all seeing one! I am so thankful for his presence in our family and the insight he has as such a young man. I am thankful for how he protects and watches out for Josh –

Thank you Lord for these my wonderful blessings – and to YOU the Blesser of all!

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