Expanding Heaven in 2007

OK.. so my dad gave me the idea of “expanding Heaven in 2007” … as usual, he captured, with a cool phrase, the desire of my heart for this year. He said that he was praying this for RCC this year (as well as for other ministries throughout our extended family, himself included as he still ministers).

So, what does that look like for me personally? It means for me that I want to accomplish two things this year – reaching heaven (through prayers) and expanding heaven (through relationships). It means that my personal goal of 2007 (which is that wherever I am this year, I want to be ALL THERE) can be accomplished through living life where I am, TO THE FULL, as I strive to be part of the answer to Jesus’ prayer (“Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”). Only two things matter, really matter: His Word and the souls of men and women.

As believers, wherever we are (and as bloggers, we are everywhere), let’s “reach Heaven in 2007” with our prayers, and let’s “expand Heaven in 2007” with our relationships with those who don’t yet know Christ and the power of His resurrection life!

Unfortunately for me, as I look back on 2006, I don’t do so with as much enthusiasm and thankfulness as others do. Not because of God, but because of me. I missed it … 2006, that is. I missed lessons, I missed opportunities, I missed blessings, and so much more. I dwelt on too many negatives and I do regret it. Seeing my first daughter leave and go to another country for the summer and then off to college left me somewhat empty and lonely. I was glad for her and what she experienced and learned, but sad for me … I miss her and I also am envious of that “college-aged enthusiasm for God and life” – that looking ahead, not backward attitude.

So I commit to “press on … not looking back … to the high calling God has for me” in 2007. I want to seize the day, the moment, and BE ALL THERE! Reaching Heaven in 2007 is where I want to live. Pray for me that I’ll do that.

4 thoughts on “Expanding Heaven in 2007

  1. Beth Webb

    I think I probably missed a lot in 2006 as well. I mostly missed opportunities to love others. And, missing those opportunities was a deliberate choice I made. I chose to focus on what was not happening rather than all the things God did to lift His name on High! May I too press on!


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