New Bible Study

It’s Fall … that time of year where things start:  school, football, new seasons of tv shows, etc.

I’m starting a new Bible study this year.  Many Christ-followers are familiar with Bible Study Fellowship, aka BSF.  I have gone as a visitor once or twice, but this will be my first year to participate. 

I’m very excited about this season in my life! I decided to start blogging again as I reflect on what I’m learning through my study through John.  I think this will help me as I pray through and meditate on what I’m learning and studying.  “The disciple that Jesus loved” … it wasn’t so much about the disciple as it was about the One he was following.  I, too, am a disciple that Jesus loves! What a wonderful way to think about my relationship with Jesus.  Wow!  I am already learning and it’s just the first week.

My God, Creator of the universe, so loved the world, including sinful me, that He gave freely and willingly His only Son, that whosoever … WHOSOEVER! believes in Him will have at that moment of belief, repentance and obedience eternal life!!  This is gonna be fun!

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