Where You Lead … I Give my Life Away

I can’t deny Your very presence in my life.
And why would I ever turn away, ’cause deep inside I know that I cannot rely on anything less than faith.
So this is life!
Where You lead me, I give my life away.
Where You lead me, I will follow.
Forever and a day.
This is all I’m dreaming of, to live completely in Your love.   (Mercy Me)

A new chapter has begun in our lives. The picture above even tells some of the story.  The Reeves family, for about 13 years now, has consisted of six people.  Dad, Mom, three daughters and a son.  It looks different these days.  With two daughters in college for the last couple of years, and now a new young man in the “family picture”, the dynamics in our home have changed significantly. Now one of our daughters is a college graduate and soon to be a bride, as well.  It’s a significant milestone, not only because she is beginning serious “adulthood”, but also because life will be changing quickly for her…. and us.  In about eight weeks, if the Lord wills, she will become a wife.  She and her husband-to-be, soon after their first year of marriage, are planning to move to Indonesia for at least a two-year teaching job there. There will be new schedules, adjustments to married life, choices to be made, budgets to balance, jobs – this crazy little thing called LIFE! 🙂

BUT … where there is faith, there is a life awaiting them that is full of abundant joy and pleasures.  As I think back on these past 22 years of Amanda’s life, I’m reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  I must proclaim with everything in me that  I can’t deny His very presence in my life.  The years have been marked by some tragedies and losses, some sad and dark days, and some painful lessons and trials.  But my Redeemer is faithful and true.  He has never left my side.  His presence has been so near to my soul, that I could almost reach out and feel Him standing near at times. 

There have been many disappointments through the years.  Circumstances have caused doubt and confusion when things haven’t turned out as planned.  Goals haven’t been accomplished.  People have made choices that caused us pain and sorrow.  And yet through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God, and I’ve learned to depend upon His Word.  That’s what I want most for my children. I want them to learn not to rely on anything less than faith in God!  I don’t wish for them (I mean deep down, even tho’ at times on the surface I might) riches, or power, or even lives free of hard times. So, what is my deepest prayer?  That they would follow where He leads and give their lives away. 
That is all there really is. 
I want them to know God’s love so personally and then to give it away through their lives. 

As I’ve watched Amanda grow and become the woman she is today, I’m so grateful …. beyond words! although I’m trying to use them. 🙂 God hasn’t answered all my prayers in all the ways I thought or even hoped that He would through the years of my life.  But He’s done more than I ask, in and through my children.  So much more.  He has placed within them a desire to serve Him and love Him and live for Him.  I couldn’t give them that.  I couldn’t make it happen.  It’s the grace of my wonderful Lord!  So, how could I ever turn away or deny the work He has done in their lives?  Why would I? 

So today, I’m very thankful and full of joy.  I pray that Amanda will go where He leads and give her life away for His glory.  I am blessed to be living completely in the grace and love of Christ, so rich and full!

2 thoughts on “Where You Lead … I Give my Life Away

  1. Here and Now

    You are truly a wonderful and Godly woman! There is so much to learn from you! I pray that I will be able to surrender Sophia over to God, as you have done with your children. Thank you for your words, they are what I needed to hear tonight.


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