Mel’s Monday Morning Musings

My heart is restless in me, my wings are all worn out. I need You, Oh I need You. Blessed Savior come fill every longing of my soul. Oh how I need You LORD, I need Your perfect Word. With tearful eyes to see the sin that I afford! I need to weep and pray for all the thousand ways that I’ve failed You just today. … You’ve made my heart in grace to stay! (The Swift)

Mondays often get me down. But the Lord remains the same. So many things I really desire in my life right now. I’m not talking about shoes, new clothes, coffee. I have those selfish days where I want that perishable stuff. But I’ve been wrestling with the real needed stuff lately. That which I really need for spiritual survival and significant impact. What will my life look like if I concentrate on that which lasts? If my time and money is spent on it? The radical life Jesus called His followers to?

In about 5th grade, I made a cassette tape one Christmas (with my brand new tape recorder). My parents pull it out and listen to it once in a while and we all get lots of laughs at my expense. I admit, it’s funny stuff. Mostly because I was a little “full of myself”. Anyway, at one point in my solitary musings recorded into the player for future laughter and ridicule by family members, I stated that I recieved lots of gifts for Christmas, but most of them would fall in the category of what I wanted and not what I needed.  Then I proceed to list the things I received and admit that I didn’t really need it, but I wanted it.

So it is Monday, January 17 and it’s “musing” time. Since its 2011 and not 1974, my many musings aren’t recorded on a cassette player but in this blog. 
Lord, I really want and need YOU. All else will fail. Nothing remains except You and Your purposes.  I’m also very weak and slow to just “do the thang”, as Beth Moore says. Or is it stubborn? Yes, even lazy. I need You LORD. Oh how I need Your power and sustaining grace in my life. I really want to be satisfied with just You. I’ve got a really long way to go to this being the place I consistently live. Will I ever live the radical life Christ called me to? Help me to take it one day at a time. Or better yet, moment by moment.

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