From everlasting … to everlasting!

From everlasting to everlasting, You are God!
In holines, You stand secure through culture’s shifting sands, unchanged by all the vanities of man!
And as the nations rise and fall Your sovereignty remains. You are!

From everlasting to everlasting, You are God!
In faithfulness, Your love extends through times of turbulence, adopting those who call upon Your name.
And every generation joins in songs of grateful praise.
You are, You are, You are the One True God!

I just love this! FROM everlasting! I understand TO everlasting .. well, sort of. Ok, not really. 🙂 But FROM everlasting. That is just cool. He WAS FROM everlasting.
From everlasting. Every generation…. past!

TO everlasting! You are the ONE. You ARE now. You are GOD.
Well that is pretty amazing, isn’t it. Just thinkin’ about it …. Whew! now I must worship Him! Because He is too great too comprehend. What a God I serve.
What a God … that He loves us. And Oh How He LOVES us!

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