Sunshine, with Some Clouds

Today’s forecast in Rapid City: Sunshine with some clouds.

That sums up some our lives, doesn’t it? Some would say their lives have consisted of “mostly cloudy” with “some sun.” Sometimes the weather forecast calls for sunny mornings turning to cloudy. Sometimes it’s clouds giving way to sun in the afternoon. Our lives, which consist of days, which consist of hours, which consist of moments …. are made up of cloudy and sunny circumstances. But I realize that it’s all in our perspective.

I remember my dad telling about the airline pilot announcing to the passengers, as they ascended above very cloudy and stormy weather, something like this: Wow! That was some pretty stormy weather. But it’s actually a beautiful day up here. We were just living too low. 🙂
Today’s weather may be sunny with some clouds. Today’s life might be also. But both are from a perspective that’s “too low.” The sun is shining brightly today …. all day … above the clouds! God is reigning supremely today … all day … above the circumstances. There’s reason to rejoice and be glad.

The reason I live is to worship You, LORD. Seasons will change – in the weather and in life. But right now, in the good times and bad, You are on Your throne and You are God alone. Unchangeable. Unshakable. Unstoppable. That’s what You are! …  Actually, that is WHO You are!
I don’t want to live to low today and miss You, LORD, and all that You are and all that You are doing!

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