ANOTHER Great Adventure …

It seems like Steven Curtis Chapman’s song The Great Adventure has been our life theme song. Ha! But here we go again….To discover all the new horizons just waiting to be explored. This is what we were created for!

We have just filled out the initial paper work, put it in the stamped envelope and it’s ready to go to our local Foster Care and Adoption Services agency! I’m praying even as we seal this that God will be over it all, leading us in every way and preparing our hearts for what is next. I was moved by what the lady in the office told Brent. “If every church in Rapid City had only two or three families that would commit to fostering, there would be NO children without families!” Okay, LORD. We will do our part.

A couple of the questions in Self Assessment brought a smile. Mostly because I realize that God’s timing is always best. In my earliest years of parenting, I think I would have answered these questions differently. So I’m glad that God is good to lead us along in our lives and prepare us for His purposes as we go. I have certainly seen how He has worked in my life to shape my attitudes and thoughts in ways that I would not have necessarily considered. A couple of questions particularly stand out:

1. All that children in foster care need is a lot of love.
2. I did a pretty good job with my children, so I think I’ll be a good foster parent.

I realize more than ever that parenting is really just a journey of grace! I have tried (well, I usually tried) to be a good parent. To pray for my kids. To love them. To cheer them. To discipline them.
But after these almost 24 years, I realize that God is so clearly the One that brings about His glory in the lives of our children. Foster children do need love, as do all children. I did do a “pretty good job” as a mom. But as I pondered these statements, I prayed again that God would give us the heart to do our part in living out our religion (James 1:27) whatever the outcome is. It’s not about investing in some child’s life to improve them! It’s about obedience to God, whatever happens. We will do our part by serving these “orphaned” children until God moves them out of our lives. My goal is to TRUST Him, not TRANSFORM them!

So here goes. A new phase. A new adventure.
God, You are in control as always. May this be about Your kingdom. Your glory. And Your honor! Our heart is to bring more worshippers to You. It begins where we are and spreads to the nations. But it’s all dependent on Your work. I give this to You …. TODAY anyway. Hard days will possibly (probably) come. I am hoping to have this kind of faith for those days too.

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER Great Adventure …

  1. Healy Family

    hooray! first step done – and filling out paperwork to inititate the process is sometimes the hardest. 🙂 can't wait to see what happens next!!! continuing to pray for you my friend. xoxo


  2. Ebens

    I just read this and squealed and Bob jumped! I read it to him and he had a big smile! This is your first step…who knows where this could take you? God knows! We will be praying for you every step of the way in this new adventure.
    It can be quite a ride! My prayer as that our family will be able to be as great a support to you and Brent as your family has been to us over the past year! We're here to help you in any way we can! Life is never boring when God is in control!


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