Birthday Weekend at the Reeves

Time flies.
Yeah, everyone says that. But, for the most part, it feels like it does. Of course, the truth is that we all get the same amount of time each day in our lifetime. 24 hours a day. There are those times, though, that you wake up and think where did the time go?

This weekend we celebrate Amanda and Josh. Our oldest and youngest. Born nine years and one day apart. Amanda has always been Josh’s second mom. And a very good one. On some days, she was a better Mom than I was (and still is)! Seriously. 
In some ways, they couldn’t be more different. One is a girl, one is a boy. (OK I know, that is obvious!) Amanda is a typical firstborn, she driven, organized, practical, analytical, has a plan and gets it done, she can tolerate some dogs but not really an animal lover, never liked PE, has a more serious side (although she loves to laugh), can be quieter, she may ask “what is next?”, and can sometimes get a little “stressed” at life. 🙂
Josh is… well he is very comfortable doing nothing, entertaining himself, he often loses things, “what time is it?” or “what day is it?”, tells jokes, tells stories, “I’m coming … where we goin’?”, loves animals, never meets a stranger, oblivious and naive, his favorite “subject”: PE! and he couldn’t really be any more laid back. 🙂
On the other hand, they are very much alike. They like to play games, but don’t get mad if they lose. They like for the family to be together. They serve joyfully. They care about others. They love little kids. They make good choices. They give good hugs. They like to please. They pray sweet prayers. They are both encouragers and cheerleaders for our family. The are passionate about serving and loving God!

And as I reflect on these two today, I’m so very thankful and full of joy because of them. They are such gifts to me. They both bring something different to our family and my life.
I am a very blessed Mama…. my life is filled with God’s grace.

Happy Birthday Mando and Josh!

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