‘Nuff said … I know, it’s about Time!

As I read my sweet cousin’s blog the other night, I was so touched. She is a young mom of three preschoolers and her blog often inspires and challenges me. She is really wise and insightful beyond her years. So….. I’m basically just stealing her latest blog post and sharing it today. 🙂 She always finds a way to come to great spiritual truths with such few words, an art I have yet to attain (but hoping for some day).
And so I  “amen” the following because it rang so very true to ME!
. . .

I realized that I think a lot about God instead of praying to Him. It’s just easier for me. To analyze, to analogize, to contemplate (and probably, to rationalize). Engaging Him by prayer requires emotion, vulnerability, repentance. Truth be told, I’m just not as good at those things. I’d rather think about something and write it on a list than actually do it 9 times out of 10 . . . I’m a “strategist,” if you will.
I find myself in need of relationship more than insight, of faith more than answers. For, the answers run out. And what’s left? The relationship. The faith.
Before letting out for the summer last week, my small group asked how we could pray for each other over the next couple of months. My response was something like this: “If you want to pray for me, pray that I will pray.”
It looks like I need to develop a new specialty.

Good stuff, Anita! Really good. So for all my prayin’ peeps out there who know me so well (and all my analzying and contemplating) just “pray that I will pray.” Because actually, only one thing is needed (Luke 10:42) Thanks.
And yes, ’nuff said. 🙂

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