He Speaks to me Everywhere ….

Philip Yancey:

I know the LORD is speaking to me when I stop listening to sounds from the world that feed my sense of pride and ambition. Instead, I fall quiet, tune in to God’s great world around me, and actively listen. Sometimes nature speaks, telling me of God’s majesty and glory. Sometimes God’s Word speaks, reminding me of what God wants me to know. And sometimes the Spirit speaks, awakening my conscience, reminding me of my failures, stirring my compassion and sense of justice, aligning me with God’s will. I cannot control the voice of God or how it comes. I can only control my “ears” – my readiness to listen and quickness to repond.

As I was studying for upcoming small groups, a profound truth hit me like never before. For some reason, before now, I hadn’t thought of it this way: As I often wish to witness the types of miracles described in the OT, those believers in that day probably longed for what we NT believers have today – ACCESS! Priscilla Shirer reminded me that I have the continual and individual companionship and guidance of the LORD of the universe!! No veil. No priest. No sacrifice. No rituals.
The presence of the LORD. With me personally at every moment of every day. Why am I looking for something more obvious?! Emmanuel has come – God WITH us! Rejoice, rejoice! Emmanuel has come to us…. I am now ever living on holy ground because of the cross and because Jesus sent His Helper to His followers. Oh, for the awareness of His Spirit, working in my life. As the song says: This is my Father’s world ….He speaks to me everywhere.

LORD, may I anticipate Your work in me. Speak, LORD, Your servant IS listening. May I have faith in Your call and Your voice, and may I obey quickly. Amen

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