Love …. Matters the Most

Love is not proud. Love does not boast.
Love, after all, matters the most.
Love does not run. Love does not hide.
Love does not keep locked inside.
Love is a river that flows through and love never fails you.

When my heart won’t make a sound.
When I can’t turn back around.
When the sky is falling down, nothing is greater than this.
‘Cause love is right here. Love is alive.
Love is the Way, the Truth, the Life. Love never fails you.

The word “love” is used about 235 times in the New Testament (in the ESV). It’s used the first time in Matthew 5 and the last time in Revelation 22, in these cases meaning different things. Scholars tell us that there are four distinct words in Greek that would have been translated into our English word “love.” They each have a different meaning, depending on how they are used in a sentence, of course. The NT seems to focus mostly on two of the four types: “agape” and “philia”.

I’ve been thinking and praying lately for God to help me care about what He cares about. To make important what He says is important. I’ve noticed that a theme of His is LOVE. 🙂 God sacrificed His only Son because of it. Jesus demonstrated it, taught it, gave His life because of it …
Paul said that without it, we are nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So, I am praying to love more. Really love. The way Jesus did.
Love my enemies more. Pray for them.
Love my friends more. Serve them.
Love God more. Worship Him!

After all …. LOVE … it matters the most!

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