Blessed is the Man who fears the LORD …

This is a really personal blog today. I’m not trying to boast – boasting about self is not of God. It really is coming from an extremely grateful heart. It’s just that I’m thankful. Really thankful for my hubby:
  • He leads by example every day. He serves us, he works hard for us, he displays his love for us.
  • He keeps us “safe”.  Safe = sure/confident. He checks out loud noises when his wife or daughter is a little unsure – even if it’s 1 am and he’s been sound asleep for hours. Oh yeah, and he gets up at 4:00 am and prays for us and stands in the gap for his family. He has a firm, really firm, grasp on the Word of God and I feel “safe” to ask him any question, knowing He will answer with truth, based on hours of study/prayer/meditating.
  • He forgives others. He doesn’t hold grudges or speak negatively about others. He doesn’t judge too quickly but thinks the best about others. Even when misunderstood or falsely accused, he doesn’t become bitter. He extends mercy.
  • He is flexible and positive. He rolls with the punches. He doesn’t complain. He has a joyful outlook on life. He tries to “live and let live” when it comes to things that aren’t worth arguing or complaining about.
  • He practices what he preaches. He studies every day and prays the Word into his life. When he teaches, it’s more than imparting truth to others. It’s implanted in his own heart first.
  • He is willing to change. This is a biggie!! He learns and is willing to change …. his thinking, his patterns, his views, and his actions if God’s word is clear. He takes criticism well.
  • He is faithful! What he promises (says) he will do, he does. If he says he will be there, he is.

Brent is not perfect. He doesn’t claim to be, nor would I claim he is.
Sometimes he fails.
Sometimes he forgets.
Sometimes he fears.

So, today I’m just really thankful that what I mostly see lived out is a Psalm 112 man. I am blessed, because I am underserving of such grace. Yesterday (on our anniversary) we had lunch and talked over lots of things. I was struggling with some issues/questions. I was reminded how valuable it is to me to sit across from someone who knows God’s word, trusts God’s word and lives God’s word to the best of his ability.
Blessed is the man who fears the LORD.
Blessed is his family too. Yes indeed. I am blessed.

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