Toddlers, Truths and Time Out

Toddlers, (especially 2 yr olds who have had  very few boundaries), need Time Out occasionally. Now I realize it’s as unpopular as can be these days, but I’m still a believer in the principles of Proverbs in raising children – and as a parent I believe that there are times that a loving, controlled spanking works best to modify behavior. Please don’t send me emails saying how barbaric I am and lacking in grace-based parenting. I’m not telling everyone that they need to parent like I do. And if you’ll continue reading today, you will realize that your sermon won’t be necessary anyway.

Since our children are all grown, we don’t give spankings anymore – just in case anyone was worried. And as a foster parent, it is not allowed by the state and I totally agree. Who knows what kind of abuse these children have endured? Brent and I have agreed to submit to the rules in this area because we understand the situation.  SO, since a swat on the bottom or hand is out of the question these days, we are learning how to engage in other forms of discipline with our little one. Time outs and/or sitting him down and making him sit there until the crying jag stops has to happen every now and then. Hey, he’s 2! It happens.

All that being said (boy I just can’t use less words to save my life) this is actually my point: I was the one who needed a Time Out today. Well, truth be told, I needed a spiritual swat on my bottom – and that’s what I got. It stung a little too. BUT oh how thankful I am for the discipline of the LORD Who loves me and cares about me too much to let me go on like I was.
I told Brent today that if all I did was work on applying only the book of James for the rest of my life, I would have plenty to work on until Jesus returns! Seriously, you can’t even get past the second verse without having to stop and confess and pray for help. “Consider it all joy …”  OK. Really? And then James talks about trials and troubles and how we should view them in light of the future – us becoming complete.

Yes, my heart was a little rebellious and I needed loving but firm discipline to adjust my attitude and behavior. I needed a little swat AND time out! 🙂 I’ve had time to sit and think about many things. My words – are there too many? My attitude – is my anger righteous? My “religion” – is it true?
Lots to contemplate. Lots to pray into my life.

Oh how thankful I am for a God who loves me enough to discipline me through the word of truth. What a good and perfect gift coming down from Him today! Now THAT’S real grace-based parenting!

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