Studying the book of James and … oh, the Irony

Beth Moore’s new study on the book of James is, well … challenging, to say the least.

This morning as I sit here and prepare my heart for corporate worship at SCBC, I’m faced with the truth of my own duplicity! Studying James is rocking my world. Maybe more authentically I could say that it’s rocking my mind/heart. What now, though? I can’t believe how many “trials” I have encountered since I started the study. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve endured any of them with joy like James speaks of. The kind that leads to complete maturity in Christ.
I’ve complained, whined and muttered my way through most of them.

So as I sit here and contemplate the end, which is not really The End, I’m so aware of my continued short-sightedness. It’s still too often about now. And me. And not enough about then. And Him.
Oh LORD give me wisdom to endure the trials with a perspective beyond this life. And give me faith to believe that You will give me the wisdom I need for every one of them if I will just ask… and not doubt. 🙂

LORD … You.Are.Good.

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