A Thankful Mom is a Content Mom

Well, it’s Mother’s Day (weekend) in the US … this Sunday we celebrate Moms. But, instead of being sad about what I don’t have (or more correctly, who I don’t have), I’m choosing thankfulness! I am obviously missing out on spending the day with both of our moms – Mama Jo and Granny – and I’m missing some of my kids – La, Erik and Mando. Oh yeah, last year two of my girls were in Africa! 🙂
But like I said, I choose thankfulness because I actually have so much to thank God for…

Thank You, LORD, that our moms and our kids all know You, serve You, and love You. I know some mothers who will spend this weekend heartbroken and burdened for their kids. Others have little care about their children. Some are crushed in spirit because their families don’t know You, personally.
Thank You, LORD, that even though we aren’t together today in body, we are in heart. I am so thankful for the relationship I have, even with those I’m missing today. I am very blessed to be real friends with our Moms and my kids. Some families will be together, but it will be strained and forced. It won’t be real, just pretend. I would rather be apart but truly together in heart, than together and yet apart in heart.
Thank You, LORD, that I have a little boy to love today who needs a mom. I am thankful that You have given us the ability to serve his family. Thank You that You love him and care about him as a mother cares for her children. (Is 66:13)
Thank You, LORD, that many years ago, a young mother treasured many things in her heart and chose to release her Son to die for sinful man. What a sacrifice! (Luke 2:33-35)

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of the moms out there! I applaud you, many of whom have sacrificed your time and energy, and maybe money and success, to raise your children. And I really encourage and bless those who have chosen to release them to God’s plan – so that they can share with others how to know, serve, and love Jesus.

Let’s pray with Hannah:  “LORD, because you have looked with compassion on me,  then I will dedicate my children to You all the days of their life.” This brings me great contentment … knowing my children are in good hands. 🙂

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