Remembering, Reflecting, and Rehearsing

Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself.

Wow! It has been a month since I posted any thoughts. If you have read anything I have written or know me very well, you’ll know it’s not because I haven’t had any …. thoughts, that is.
I am always thinking. Yes, even overthinking.
Now, it’s not that thinking is all that bad. In fact, it can be very good. But it can become bad when these two things happen in the process: 1) my thoughts aren’t biblical or Christlike and take me down a path of negativity, criciticism or bitterness; and 2) my thoughts become verbalized before I’ve thought through them or prayed through them, leaving in the wake hurt feelings and words that have been spoken that can’t be taken back.

So, I thought about all the things I could post today – after a month of events in the life of our family. But I’ve decided to follow Mary’s example and just hold them dear, deep within myself. Mostly because in the midst of a school year ending, family gatherings, homecomings, etc., I’ve noticed a lack of spiritual depth in my life right now. Oh, I can always say the right thing. I’ve actually memorized most of what I’ve learned in my life-long “WWJD class” (going on almost 50 years now) and I’ve got the lingo down. I can sound off Bible verses and principles at any given moment, as needed, to remind everyone of truth. Or you could say it another way: Mel always has the rules ready to read or quote. 🙂

But during these busy and exciting days in the life of our family, when it’s just me … and the LORD:
Is my heart glad? Is my joy complete? Is my love for Him authentic? Do I hunger and thirst for His presence? Am I filled with His Spirit deep in my soul?
I know that in the Christian life all that “counts” is how I honestly answer these questions.

Oh, how I’m enjoying this break from routine. The family days together – especially my Indonesian kids being here for a couple of weeks. Longer days – some lazy ones thrown in there too. Game nights. Laughter. Mealtimes. Poolside chats. You know, the good stuff!!
But how I also need – must have – a daily refreshing of the Word and the Spirit. I do not want to miss out on God’s daily work in me, because in the midst of all this good stuff, the best stuff could be missed (Luke 10:42).
And so I ponder. And pray that God will work in me His thoughts and His heart, that I would be true to Him in my thoughts and words and deeds.

2 thoughts on “Remembering, Reflecting, and Rehearsing

  1. Mary M

    Really great! I feel the same way right now about having the right thing to say on my lips, yet not intertwined with the Lord in my heart as it should be.


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