FALLing Back into the Routine

Wow! Is it seriously August 20?! Time flies when you’re having fun, so they say. 🙂 I guess so, because I have had lots of fun this summer and now it’s almost over. The Frys being in the States for a few weeks contributed to it being a wonderful break!

BUT … my blogging also takes a break in the summer (unintentionally). This is good and bad. The truth is that I love a routine. A schedule. A plan. That time of year when the family folders come out. That little file basket on my counter where all the papers, applications, picture sheet forms, sports info, schedules go. Each person has their own personal folder and anything “attached” to their name goes in their folder for the year. If someone looks for something, I head to that folder! It has saved me many times the frustration of time spent looking …
Unfortunately summer isn’t like that. People come and go, things get misplaced, important items are left places, or moved, or maybe even trashed (Brent’s spiritual gift is throwing away important things), “where are my keys?” is commonly heard, etc. My work load lessens a great deal which creates lots of flex time (which doesn’t force me to plan as much). Dinner times are varied, bed times are late, days by the pool are fun but not much gets done.
And that is what summer is for, isn’t it? Well, typically at the Reeves that is how it goes. Days are more relaxed and there is more family time, but I also find myself “lollygagging” more. (Is that just a Southern term?)

The LORD says that rest is good. But summer tends to bring about more laziness in me than actual rest. So I confess that although I always look forward to the summer break, I am usually glad to get back to a time in our lives where I am “forced” to be more disciplined. I don’t consider myself an undisciplined person, but I do spend more time on unimportant things than I should unless I have a plan. I am thankful when Fall is here, and the Bible studies I facilitate get going, I get to mingle with school parents (many who don’t know Jesus), have my To Do list handy and I am much more intentional about the things I should be intentional about all year, but gets on the back burner in my life during summer. 😦

So … my plan is to get back to work. And that includes my blog – although my blog is actually fun work. I hope to continue my two-part post that I started months ago. I’m sure some of you were waiting with bated breath for that. 🙂

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