Wanna Sin a Little?

SIN. Not my favorite subject, for sure. And who really enjoys sermons on sin?
Like the bible says, we all sin. So if the pastor talks about sin in our lives, most likely he is talking to us all. And that includes me.
Today, in his teaching through the Lord’s prayer (Luke’s version), my favorite pastor talked about the importance of overcoming temptation. He reminded us that we ARE ABLE to stand against the enemy, even in the most difficult of circumstances. The bible tells us so. (1 Cor. 10:13) When temptation comes, we have the opportunity to grow in Christ or to sin against Him. In saying no to sin, we grow in maturity. In giving in to sin, we are moving away from the God who desires to be near us.

I remember, while in college, doing a life-changing study with my small group on Proverbs 31. The study by Emalyn Spencer called a Woman who Fears the Lord is filled with what I might call ‘hard truths.’ In her chapter on holiness, she reminded us that God commands us to be holy. It is that kind of living that chooses obedience instead of sin. She recalled a time when she was in the kitchen with her son …

“To me, there has always seemed to be something faintly wicked about eating a chocolate fudge sundae. One day after our meal, while relishing the thought of a sundae, I asked my son and husband if they would like to sin a little. Immediately and emphatically my son responded ‘No! Not even a little!'”

Now I don’t think that eating a sundae is always a sin. But I do know that there are too often times in my life that I consider (and even follow through with) sinning “just a little” rather than total obedience to what I know to be God’s still small voice.
Today’s message was convicting and challenging!

LORD, keep me from giving in to temptation. I have a way through Your power to stand firm. Even in the times of trial, may I have the right attitude and words!
Help me to choose You.

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