When Singing is Actually Worship

As I have said before, singing does not necessarily mean worshipping. Sometimes, we need to admit that our songs are just music. But WORSHIP … that takes place when we recognize that God is big and that we are small.
Worship is much more than singing, but when we gather to sing together (as the recipients of great grace), our singing should reflect the deep joy of our hearts! I love the word pictures we have in the bible of real worship …

For the music leader and the singers in church: (Pm 68)
But the godly are happy; they rejoice before God and are overcome with joy. Sing to God! Sing praises to His name!
Exalt the One who rides on the clouds!
For the LORD is His name!
Rejoice before Him!
O God, You cause abundant showers to fall on Your chosen people.
When they are tired, you sustain them.
The Lord deserves praise! Day after day He carries our burden, the God who delivers us.
Our God is a God who delivers; the LORD, the sovereign Lord, can rescue from death.
Singers walk in front; musicians follow, playing their stringed instruments, and in the midst are young women playing tambourines.
In the large assemblies praise God, the LORD.
O kingdoms of the earth, sing to God!
O kingdoms of the earth, sing to God!
Sing praises to the Lord!
Acknowledge God’s power, His sovereignty … and the power He reveals in the skies!
You are awe-inspiring, O God, as You emerge from Your holy temple!
It is the God of Israel who gives the people power and strength.
God deserves praise!
Sing praises to the LORD.

… And for the prisoners and the singers in daily life: (Acts 16)
Receiving such orders, he threw them in the inner cell and fastened their feet in the stocks.
About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the rest of the prisoners were listening to them.

Come … NOW is the time to worship. So, if you’re happy and you know, then your face will surely show it! 🙂

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