Worship Matters … Every.Single.Day

“Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God” is a book I have been reading, given to me by my daughter. It is her “text book” in one of her classes this semester. Natalie signed up for a class at Boyce (in the midst of the fast and furious acceptance to the school, packing, and registration for classes) called Intro to Worship, thinking it was a required Intro class for all students there. She had no idea she would be taking a class with mostly those students pursuing a degree in a music ministry.

Now for the record, Natalie is NOT pursuing a degree in music ministry. 🙂 Although she loves music, she would never even dare to sing loudly if she was standing next to someone she did not know well. So the irony of it all has brought us all a good laugh. In fact, next week for her final assignment she is to be part of a “Worship Team” and lead the class in worship through music. So for Nat, her worship is going to begin before she ever steps one foot in front of the class. It will be worship because she will be trusting in/depending on God to strengthen her and empower her to do something far beyond her ability and comfort zone.

As I was reading this morning, and thinking of this funny situation, I realized that God had a lesson for me in all of this – as usual!
Indeed, WORSHIP MATTERS. It matters because worship is revealed in the way we live everyday, not just in the songs we sing. As Bob Kauflin says in his book: Worship is much more than a song. In fact, none of the Greek words we translate “worship” refer to singing/songs. And the Hebrew words for worship usually refer to gestures, attitudes, and actions that could happen anytime, with or without singing.
So the truth is that Natalie is not just learning what worship is, she is learning how to worship – doing all things to the glory of God. Even her participating in a class with gifted musicians, called to be Worship Leaders, is a chance to worship. She is able to worship by “drawing attention to God’s greatness and goodness” in spite of her own hesitation, anxiety and plain old fear of what others would think.

In the book, Kauflin points out that often in a church service we have a Call to Worship. But it really should be called a Continuation of Worship. 🙂 There is only one call to worship – at our conversion, “when in complete repentance we admit to worshiping falsely and being enslaved to false gods.” At that point in our lives, our call to worship God begins and life continues to be an overflow of that initial call. Worship continues forever from that point on in the life of a true believer.
I am not called to be a full-time Worship Leader in a church. But I am called to be a full-time lead worshiper! I am to first glorify and worship the LORD personally, and then I am to lead others to glorify Him through everything I say and do.

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory to God. Let your light shine before people, so they can see your good deeds and give honor to your Father in heaven!

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