Celebrating Halloween

Is participating in Halloween activities the same as “celebrating” Halloween’s dark side? For our family, the answer is no. I confess that we participate in the pagan side of holiday festivities. For example, we have Christmas trees at Christmas, eggs at Easter, and pumpkins, candy, and costumes at Halloween.

But all of these are just fun activities in which we engage and share as a family. Although all of the things I mentioned are also used (or have been) by pagans for something less than Christian, that is not how we have ever used them. There is pagan history involved in pumpkins, Christmas trees, eggs, etc. but we don’t actually “celebrate” any of these things. We just use these events for family fun and togetherness.

What we do celebrate is that Christ was born of a virgin and came to earth as the God-Man, He was crucified in our place – taking our punishment on Himself -He rose again on the third day, defeating the darkness and evil by His death/resurrection!

When someone asks me if we celebrate Halloween, I would like to clarify. Absolutely not! We participate in the fun aspects of this time of year, but we celebrate Jesus … In all things!
Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

One thought on “Celebrating Halloween

  1. coo-ka

    We are the pumpkin. He is the pumpkin carver. He cleans out our gump & goo. He gently puts a smile on our face. And then He places HIS light in us to shine through the darkness that surrounds us. 🙂 juss a thought! 🙂


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