Lord, Plant my Feet on Higher Ground

An attitude of gratitude helps us live life at a higher altitude!

Years ago, my daddy was on flight that took off in some ugly weather. I remember him sharing that people were a little concerned as they flew up through the storm. The darkening clouds, claps of thunder and strikes of lightening surrounded the plane. A few minutes into the flight, the plane ascended above those clouds and the sky was blue and clear. The pilot came across the speaker and said something like this: Welcome! It is actually a beautiful day, Everyone. We were just living too low! 🙂
That has stuck with me for many years. Some days I get up, but I am living too low. Instead of rehearsing God’s goodness and grace, I get stuck on the problems and anxieties of the day. Even though the Psalmist says that I should not forget His benefits, I still do. I too often develop a near-sighted perspective. An earth-sighted one.
I think about how Paul learned to be content in every situation. I don’t believe this meant he learned to just tolerate every situation. I think he learned even to be thankful in every situation. Paul had learned the secret of living above circumstances. He saw a bigger picture … he had a different vantage point!
How? Paul went on to tell us how he did it. “I am able to do all things through the One who strengthens me.”
Paul was able to give thanks always because of his altitude in his daily living. He recognized that he was living in a moment-by-moment relationship with the God of the universe. 
This Thanksgiving season is an opportunity to practice my progress in this area. And every day that I am given breath provides me the same opportunity.
Lord, help me not to live too low! Give me a higher perspective … one that sees the bigger picture You are painting. I really desire to live with an attitude of gratitude for all You have done for me and in me!

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