Not Knowing the Future is Definitely not a Bad Thing, Part Three

It’s our 27th anniversary today! Happy Anniversary to my servant-hearted hubby and partner for life! I could in no way take on the task of fostering without Brent. In fact, I don’t know how single parents do it day after day. I know God is able to work in us to do things we never imagined, but I’m so thankful He has chosen to allow me to serve with someone all these years of parenting, and now into this new journey of foster parenting. And, if I knew all those months ago what bringing a 3 yr old into our lives would involve, I wonder if I would have said YES?! … even with a helper!

But from the first day until today, Brent has been “Daddy B” to our buddy. For months, our little guy said “Bah-B”. In fact, at church, when Brent would be on the stage speaking, Buddy would point and say loudly “Bah-B! Bah-B!” 🙂 Thankfully, Daddy B didn’t hear it – well, we do sit on the back row every Sunday – and it wasn’t a distraction. I love watching them, though, and it’s a real and loving relationship that I doubt this sweet little guy has ever had before with an older male.

Whether our relationship with Buddy continues into the future or not (more later), I’m praying that our little buddy will always remember the Jesus that he is seeing lived out day to day in the life of his Daddy B. I also pray that our marriage will reflect a love that will demonstrate to him the love that Christ has for His bride and the bride for her Servant Savior. I pray I will be an example of a wife and mom and the kind of woman this little fella will one day look for.

I have no idea what memories and pictures our 3 yr old “son” will take into his future, but I hope and pray that somehow the time he spends in our home will make an impact on his own future family. God placed Buddy into our family, our home and our lives for a purpose. For us and for him.
Father, be glorified in our lives and his. Raise up Buddy to be a godly husband and daddy one day. May You grace him with years of a biblical marriage and a godly family who love and serve You for all of their lives. And may they impact their world for Jesus. Amen

Part Four:The Cloudy Parts

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