Ch-ch-ch-changes! – Part Eight

Our little buddy has changed so much since coming into our family  … and our world. Some of the changes are natural at this stage in the life of a 3 year old. Others are because he is a part of the Reeves clan. Maybe some changes simply come as a foster child – wondering what is next. It has been much more fun than I anticipated with a preschooler in the house again. To think that he was 2 when he came and is now almost 4. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, fostering is definitely a one-day-at-a-time journey. Had I known what some days would look like, I probably would have been stressed. But thankfully, God doesn’t show us the future.
And now looking back – with the knowledge that I made it through – is a blessing and a joy:

  • The first bath time was a family affair. The following baths were … not! I admit that everyone has been willing to pitch in with giving baths, but many of the baths for several weeks were challenging and frustrating. I definitely forgot what the bath process entailed! I am glad to report that these days are much less difficult, and some nights Buddy even asks to get in the bath tub and play for a while. And oh, how I enjoy those moments! 🙂
  • Being easily entertained, Buddy wasn’t much of an adjustment. At first! We had very few toys for a 2 yr-old and it was such a delight that he didn’t seem to mind. Some generous friends from church shared a few toys to help. It wasn’t long, though, until we realized that it was time for some more toys. Gradually, our downstairs has become a play room of sorts with matchbox cars, train tracks and building blocks hiding the floor.
  • He came with a couple of shirts, a pair or two of pants, and a pair of shoes. I think one of the most enjoyable things for me has been shopping for a little guy. He isn’t picky yet, and likes everything I bring home. Grocery shopping at Target or Walmart has certainly changed. Now coming home with milk and bread is usually a shirt, socks or new matchbox car.
  • It’s always time to eat. But quickly we realized that a meal he would eat should consist of chicken nuggets or mac n cheese. That was about it. I am so glad that over time, and with a Daddy B more stubborn than a 3 yr old, he has learned to like many foods! 🙂 We haven’t convinced him to like anything green yet, but maybe it will happen.
  • Words were few and the ones he spoke, we didn’t understand. The Reeves have steadily changed that! No longer is he a man of few words. Nor are they quiet ones! When he first came and we never understood what he was saying, he gave up quickly and moved on. Needless to say, those days are over. I am thankful that since I spend most days with him, I’ve come to interpret those words that still need translation. But no one would say he is non-verbal any more!!
  • Around here, we pray … and sing. Mealtime and bedtime have probably introduced new “rituals” into his little life, but I’ve noticed lately that they have become familiar and comfortable to him. I love that he loves to pray before he eats – even if he yells it at the top of his lungs sometimes when I give him his lunch and forget. It goes like this: MAMA MEL! PRAY!! And bedtime brings songs of Jesus’ love for His children and especially for Buddy.
  • I have been his Mama from day one. Our little guy knows his birth mom and even from the beginning seemed comfortable and familiar with her, but wasn’t attached. He could only say a few words at the beginning, but one of them was definitely “Mom”. Eventually we became Mama Mel and Daddy B, but I think for now we are much more of a mom and dad than he has really known. That makes me happy and sad at the same time.

So time marches on. In my next few posts, the last ones of the month, I will write a little about where we are in the process. At least I will share what we know about the future, which isn’t a lot.
I am so thankful for those who follow us on this journey through prayer and encouragement. We have been blessed by this little guy. And we will continue to trust that God who brought him to us has a great plan for him.

(Part Nine: Once Upon a Potty)

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