Once Upon a Potty – Part Nine

“Once upon a time …”

there lived a little boy. He was almost three years old, but had no potty training, nor did he have any desire to learn. Because his Mama Mel had no desire to train him, the days turned into weeks which turned into months of changing wet or poopy diapers. Although this wasn’t that much fun, and a little boy who is 3 1/2 should probably learn to potty, no real attempts were made to change this.

One day, Mama Mel went on a 10-day trip out town. Before she left, she laughingly told Daddy B and Josh that she expected her little buddy to be potty trained when she returned. Little did she know it would be taken as a challenge and that the three stooges, I mean the three wise men, were all about the potty. And before she knew it …
Daddy B and Josh had rolled up the big den rug and taken it out of the house, had given Buddy a new daily wardrobe consisting of nothing but a shirt, pumped him hourly with fluids, and began to ask him every ten minutes if he would like to go potty. And (drumroll here) …. It worked! Mama Mel returned to a totally potty-trained little guy. And they all lived happily ever after.

(BTW: The events in this story are true. And the names above have not been changed to protect them.)

The story continues …
Part Ten: The HARD Part

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