The Sovereignty of God "Debate"

In the last couple of days, my FB and Twitter feeds are overwrought with opinions, comments, and “sermons” regarding the sovereignty of God. They mention God’s righteousness. Some His goodness. Others His love, care and protection.
But the big question debated among many is whether or not God causes calamity or allows it. People have verses to support their views and I’ve noticed there is a great deal of emotion involved with many trying to prove their point about God.

Natalie and I were talking about it this morning. The truth is that there are verses in the Bible that could bring confusion in this “debate”. As we chatted, we concluded that the sovereignty of God is just a wee bit too big for the human-ness of man. There are no words to make it solid in our minds.
In fact, I am not sure that there is anyone on this earth who always gives the right answer(s) when bad things happen. As with Job, we may not get the WHY? answered to some things in life. God’s answer isn’t usually to help us know the “why?” He is more concerned that we know the WHO.

Sometimes, as His children, we think we need to defend God. To plead His case so that people don’t think badly of the God we love. But the truth is, we can’t convince people to trust God based on whether or not He allows bad things to happen or causes them to happen. When Job asked God to explain Himself with answers, God didn’t. He simply began with Who He is . . .
“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you possess understanding!
Who set its measurements – if you know – or who stretched a measuring line across it? On what were its bases set, or who laid its cornerstone – when the morning stars sang in chorus, and all the sons of God shouted for joy . . .?”

We will never be able to convince people to trust God by debating His goodness. If He allows something, then He is good. But if He causes it, He must not be. As His child, I have decided to trust Him. Not because He always answers my questions or resolves in my mind conflicting doctrines.

I trust Him because He is always God.
And because He is always good.

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