PG Part Four: Don’t just Give Thanks, Live Thanks

Always give thanks. Many Christian parents raise their kids to “say Grace” before meals. Some lead in a memorized prayer, while in other homes Dads verbalize a mumbled, awkward prayer of blessing on and for the food. Around some dinner tables is a more genuine prayer, but the encouragement to have thankful hearts ends there. The verses in Ephesians 5 and 1 Thessalonians 5, aren’t really about a dinner-time prayer. Paul is encouraging a lifestyle…
Some call it ThanksLIVING.

Although we live in what some might say is a thankless culture (many would say an entitled culture), we don’t have to pass this attitude on to our kids and grandkids. But as with most every lesson, this particular teaching is more often caught than taught. Teaching our kids to be thankful is much more likely to sink in when they see us living lives of thankfulness. We shouldn’t expect to raise kids who appreciate what they have if we don’t. It’s impossible to pass on a grateful heart when we don’t even have one. Complaining and criticizing can become a pattern if we are not intentional about creating a thankful home.
It’s not easy to be thankful for the difficulties and disappointments we encounter. But if we are able to grow in this area and strive with our kids to give thanks in everything, our family atmosphere will be increasingly energetic and joy filled.

I desire to demonstrate a happy heart. No, not a sappy heart, but a truly happy one! There is no doubt that gratitude and attitude go together. And becoming a thankful family increases the likelihood of much better attitudes when we face the hard times.

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