PG Part Eight: The Most Important Part

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but raise them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

Christian dads often get a bad rap when they makes attempts to take the lead in their homes. It is seen as chauvinistic or ego-driven and power hungry. But the bible makes it clear that husbands/fathers are to take on the head leadership role in families. And when done in the biblical way, it works.

I have been personally affected by a man not willing to take on the leadership responsibilities in his home and family. I have seen the effects firsthand of a dad walking away from his God-given assignment. Just this week I read a blog of my dear friend who lived wounded for many years because of being abandoned by the man who was suppose to lead her family by serving them. Some dads have missed out on the blessings of honor in their homes by walking away. It takes a while for those left in the wake of abuse, abandonment or apathy (from their dads) to heal.
Two wonderful life-changing words.

We have a Father; He calls you His own.
He’ll never leave you, no matter where You go
He knows your name.
He knows your every thought.
He sees each tear that falls and hears you when you call.

Hebrews 4:16 tells us we can come into our heavenly Father’s presence boldly and find His great mercy awaiting us. He desires to help us in the time of our deepest need. I have taken time to share this (although I was blessed with a wonderful and Godly daddy), because I have come to realize that we most often have a perception of Jehovah God that is based on that example – what our earthly father is like. It’s important to understand and believe that God desires to heal any hurt. I pray that those who have been deeply wounded by their dads (or because of their dads) will find healing in turning to the God of the Bible – our Abba Father. And that they will find they can trust Him with all of their heart.

The book I recently read on parenting gives a great deal of time to encouraging fathers to spiritually (as well as in other ways) lead in their homes. In fact, the author has come to conclude that the role of dads in the home is of utmost importance and value. God has a best way for families to function. And although sometimes the process breaks and innocent people are affected by the disobedience of one, we should never be hesitant to share the truth of God’s word about parents and families.
The truth is this: the family best functions when Dad takes on a serving leadership role. When the “man of the house” has a fresh, intimate, and up-to-date walk with God, more than not you are going to see a faith-functioning family living out the gospel of Jesus Christ. When Dad strives to consistently and humbly live like Jesus (and admits it when he isn’t), very rarely will you see the family fall apart.

I am praying for the men in our family to be the servant leaders they are called to be in their home and church and community. To surrender all for the sake of the gospel. The world needs men to rise up and lead the way. When the followers of Jesus decide to take this seriously, personally I believe that is when we will see a revival in the church.
Rise up, O men of God! Have done with lesser things.
Give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of kings

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