Packing and Praying

As we pack up his things for Bry to take with him as he leaves on Thursday evening, I am including clothes, toys and books. Bryson has an incredible memory and he often rehearses who the giver was when he plays with certain toys. Often as he gets dressed in the morning, he mentions where we bought the clothes. But here’s the thing … clothes and toys don’t last forever. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying that “words are the only thing that last forever.” As far as I know, there is no real evidence that he was a believer and he got that wrong, of course. I believe that there are a couple of things that last forever (God’s love, Pm 100 and our spiritual inheritance, Heb 9 are a couple), but certainly words filled with God’s truths are among the things that last forever.

Today as I pack, I am praying. And I know that many people are praying for us and with us. Our prayer is that what he remembers are the things that matter most. What lasts. Whether or not we are able to see him in the years to come, whether he keeps our pictures close by, whether he remembers our crazy meal times and laughter and games … I can honestly say that I have come to the place that none of these things matter.

What I’m really hoping to send with Bry can’t be packed in suitcase or box. Well, except his bible. But if I could write a letter to Bryson without using lots of words – no comments necessary 🙂 – and know that he would understand it, all I would write is what I posted a couple of weeks ago (in the words of James Dobson)…
Be there, Bryson. On that day, be there.
And so I pack and pray:
LORD, we send Bryson out with a few things. But what we desire most is that You would do the work only You are able to do in the life of our buddy. What You start, You always complete. I know that no one can come to Jesus unless You, Abba, draw him. I pray that as You draw him, his heart will seek You and find You, and that You will raise him up at the last day. Thank You that You save us, not by works, but on the basis of Your great mercy! And since we are justified by Your grace, may Bryson one day become Your heir (along with us) and know the confident expectation of eternal life.

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