Shades of Grace: It Always Matters

In rehearsing God’s faithfulness and recognizing His mercy chase, I feel a little bit like the author of Hebrews when he said in Chapter 11 “And what more shall I say? For time will fail me if I tell of …”
In grouping events or people in one post, it seems that the significance will somehow be minimized or lost. But I also recognize that time is passing, my days are lessening, and there is still so much to share … to rehearse. Already I have had to rush past some certain people or events that were part of my story. But I now have just over 20 days left and already I’m wondering how in the world I will most succinctly capture the impact of that which is left to share. My Samford years were some of the most important years of my life. From the first day of my Freshman year until my last one on that campus, God’s plan was unfolding. I have so many words to share 🙂 … about my Fall retreat families, the friends I made, BSU choir, my discipleship group, my roommate, dorm fun, Step Sing, a mission trip to Houston, nights in the music room singing hymns around the piano, our Campus Outreach group, my adopted family at church … and so much more. If I could place an asterisk by each of this and go into detail on another page I would. 
I will take a day or two to focus on a few of the people whose faces are seen in these pics because I want to encourage someone today to recognize their importance in another person’s life whether they realize it or not. Years go by and maybe miles separate. 
But the influence and the impact live forever.
Everything we do matters. To everyone. Forever.

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