Shades of Grace: All the Right Moves

AND … we are moving …

No, not now. Thankfully we are settled. For now. Whew! It probably sounds very odd to a person who has lived in the same house all of his/her life, but I don’t think of myself as moving around a lot. And yet, as I “write it down”, I am amazed at the math. In these 50 years (warning: I’m bad at math), I have lived in 18 different dwellings – houses or apartments!
Although a few of those were from one house to another in the same city, moving is moving. And it’s still not something I enjoy nor is it something I’m good at it. After all these moves, I still haven’t developed the art of moving well. I obviously don’t have the gift of moving. It offers yet another opportunity to depend on the Lord to get me through it. 🙂
One thing I do like about moving: we don’t really collect much “stuff”. Once you move that thing so many times that you never use, you realize just how little you want it … or need it. Add the bonus of a hubby who loves to throw things away, and life gets simplified really fast.

For the sake of space, writer’s cramp, and too many details for a reader to enjoy, I decided to summarize this part of my life story using bullet points:

Before marriage, I lived in:

Lavaca, AL, Charleston, SC, Nashville, TN, and Decatur, AL
After we married:
  • Birmingham, AL: My first apartment with friends in Birmingham, AL
  • Our first apartment in Birmingham with my new hubby – Brandywine Apartments
  • Memphis TN where we lived in an apartment near our friends – scary ones (the apartments, not our friends)
    Brent started seminary at MABTS
  • Second apartment in Memphis – where we were apartment managers of a high-rise apartment building with 20 apartments, two on each floor
  • Ruleville, MS into our first house – the church-owned Youth Pastor’s house – Ruleville, Mississippi Amanda was born
  • Second house in Ruleville – the church-owned Pastor’s house (I think that’s self explanatory)
  • Birmingham, AL where we lived in GreenTree Apartments
    Brent finished seminary at Beeson Divinity School
  • Rockford, AL where we lived in the church-owned Pastor’s house
    Lauren was born
    Natalie was born
  • Auburn, AL into the First house we ever bought/owned
    Josh was born
  • Second house in Auburn
  • Orting, WA – near Seattle – where we lived in the same house for 8 years!
  • Rapid City, SD where we have now lived in three different rental houses in 4 1/2 years …
Wow! Using only a few paragraphs in a post to share what I have learned and who I have loved and left is not going to be an easy task for me. Even as I listed those moves, I realize that I have a story about each place and the people in them. But since I only have a couple of weeks left I will try to share some highlights of these days … and the ways God used every place we lived and the people who lived there to drench me with His grace.
Thank You LORD, for blessing me with the opportunity to live in all these different states … and even different cultures within this nation. I am thankful for the experiences and the beauty of each of them. But mostly I am thankful for the people … all who have impacted my life forever.

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