I will Survive: Hitting Pause more Often


My “word” for 2014. Whenever I’m truly thirsty or hungry, it’s hard to think about much more other than satisfying my thirst or hunger. In fact, the only way to not think about being thirsty is when I think about something else. Totally different.

Recently, I was challenged to take a look at my daily routine and habits. While my job requires that I’m online consistently, my life should not revolve around what’s taking place in space. Cyberspace, that is. You know, “virtual reality”.
Why is it I can be so caught up in the less-than-reality of electronic communication, and so disconnected from the reality of the spiritual world!? Yes, it’s an unseen world, but it’s very real. And true. And right.

Today I’m choosing (committing) to hit the pause button in my world of electronic communication and social media. I’m picking a day to pray for more thirst for what is real – God and His truth – and less thirst for what only appears real. While I love to keep up with friends and family through pictures and words, as well as read articles and blogs filled with wonderful thoughts and even truths, for me it too often becomes a time-consuming substitute. A substitute for sitting with my bible and communing with the God who created me and knows me best . . . The real me. My heart.
I can be so deceived by consenting to and acknowledging good things I read or hear; and yet I can still not know my own heart and its selfishness. I must allow Him to reveal it to me without the distraction and noise from others and even my own self.

So, if you text me or call me or post something that I would normally “like” … it may be that I’m pausing for a day. To develop my thirst for Him. I heard recently in a Bible study lesson that “the more we love God, the more we will see Him.” Jesus said that if we hunger and thirst for righteousness, we will be filled and happy (blessed).
I sure do want to see Him. To know Him. To be filled with Him.

So here goes … My quest for more reality.
Be still. And know.

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