A Summer to Remember

The summer of 2014 has been a fabulous one. As I look back on these last several weeks, I’m so thankful for the days with family and friends. It began on Memorial Day with the 6-Month Anniversary celebration of having our three wonderful boys in our home and our lives. It’s been a summer filled with pool and lake days, picnics by the creek, seeing special friends, campfires, afternoon and evenings in downtown Rapid, a fabulous VBS, a very special baby shower, weddings, and one of my most favorite and memorable family vacations. Reflecting on these last weeks reminds me that my life is overflowing with evidences of God’s great grace. Such grace …

During our family vacation this year, Brent and I were able to spend some time visiting with both sets of parents and all of our siblings (including nieces and nephews). Even more unusual was that our entire family was all together in the same country, state, city, house … and vehicle. For two weeks we experienced true “togetherness” on our family’s vacation/road trip (aka #ReeFryedVaca2104). God overwhelmed me by providing us wonderful days in Tennessee, Georgia and Auburn, climaxing in a week of rest and relaxation at beautiful condo, including perfect weather and very memorable game and meal times. When we returned from our trip, our three boys eagerly welcomed all seven of us back, as well as my sister who spent the next week in Rapid with us. A friend of Lauren’s joined us too, and we all were blessed to be a part of a weekend of worship through music at Hills Alive. As one of our favorite Christian music artists – Steven Curtis Chapman – sang some of his oldies but goodies, I couldn’t help shedding tears of joy and gratitude. I sang loudly with him …

The love of God will take us far beyond my wildest dreams.
Oh, saddle up your horses, come on, get ready to ride!
Saddle up your horses, we’ve got a trail to blaze through the wild blue yonder of God’s amazing grace.
Let’s follow our Leader into the glorious unknown.
This is a life like no other.
This is the great adventure!

There were many other songs he sang that night which are deeply imbedded, for life, in my heart and soul. Surrounded by my family, I clearly recognized once again how his songs tell a story of our lives. Singing with the crowd as he led, and looking around at my hubby and kids – the ones who have been on this great adventure with me – was certainly a highlight of my summer.

And now as we near Labor Day, the holiday signaling the end of summer days and the beginning of school routines – I’m thankful for what’s ahead. Soon I’ll be on my way to Salem, Oregon to meet my first grandchild, due on the 29th of this month. Although our family will be scattered about and unable to all be together in Oregon to celebrate Will’s arrival, I am one blessed mama. I carry into these next months lots of sweet memories of these past several weeks. The laughter, the stories, the prayers, the hugs, the beauty of God’s creation … these and so much more are held within my mind and heart. And as I ponder this, I smile. I literally smile.

But now, I move forward into next. For what has been was really good. But I know Whom I have put all my hope and trust, and I’m persuaded that He is able. More than able.

In Him and through Him … the best is yet to come!!


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