Time for Change (for everything, there is a season)

It’s that time! It is the season where everyday it seems that something changes. Political polls change, sports teams rise and fall, temps change, what we wear moves from keeping us cool to keeping us warm, summer schedules are over and there’s a return to school routines, new people move in while others move out, and all the while nature shifts and we look out our windows and see very different colors all around us.

Well, I’m making some changes, too. Besides my seasonal attire being shifted around in my drawers and closets, and seasonal boxes being unpacked and home décor moved around,  I’ve decided to move my blog from where it’s been for almost ten years to a new web host. The biggest reason is practical. My other spot was not as user friendly anymore. And I wanted simple. Basic.
So, I’m here.

Most of my previous posts are still accessible in the sidebar, and even as I was making the shift to this blog, I was perusing some of “what I’ve said before.” Years of words and thoughts. SO many words. I laughed at some of my posts, but I paused for a bit on others. Reflecting.
And again I was amazed. Amazed at His grace. In all of it.
Every hurt, every happiness; every loss, every gain; every goodbye, every hello … not one single thing has happened to me or around me that wasn’t filtered through loving hands of grace. I’ve changed, surroundings have changed, people have changed, and my life has changed. But God.

He has stayed. No variation or shadow due to change. Every single new day …
He is. He was. He is to come.
I’ve wondered. I’ve doubted. I’ve failed. I’ve been distant and demanding and depressed.
But, such grace He gives. His tender mercy has chased me everyday and I’ve lived my whole life wandering, running, strolling, resting and dancing in my Abba’s fields of grace.
Great is His faithfulness. To all generations.

There’s a place that I love to run and play.
There’s a place that I sing new songs of praise.
There’s a place that I lose myself within.
There’s a place I find myself again.
There’s a place where religion finally dies.
There’s a place that I lose my selfish pride.
I love my Father, my Father loves me;
I dance for my Father, my Father sings over me,
and nothing can take that away from me.
Dancin’ with my Father God in fields of Grace.

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