Is the Pursuit of Being Offended an Inalienable Right?i

It’s Veteran’s Day. The day we remember those who fight for our freedoms. There are most certainly things worth fighting for and I’m thankful for those (friends and family members) who are willing to sacrifice even their own lives for my freedom. We are a nation indebted to those who’ve gone before us. We honor those who defend our ability to pursue happiness, liberty and life.

But …
We are a nation in need of reminders of what matters most. And it starts with reminding myself! If Facebook is any indication of real life (which it is probably more a parody or an exaggeration than real life … I hope) then we do indeed live in a society of easily offended people. From mommy wars to Star Wars, from car seats to coffee snobs, from public nursing to petty neighbors, from politicians to preachers, we all have our opinions and our offenses. We rant and rage and rebuke. Some of us keep our anger to ourselves while others make it public. But we all have our moments of grumbling and rumbling about the habits of the people that make up our world.

It is not that we haven’t felt strongly about these things in the past, it is just that now everyone has a forum in which to speak. In times past, we did not announce in the streets what we thought about every little thing, exposing ourselves to an onslaught of opinions and critiques about our ideas or positions. Without the means to make it public, we stewed more privately. And others had no idea what we thought, nor had a way of fighting back with a quick response.

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