Distant Replay

02F4232F-98B0-4E8B-803D-1674D72CBB6BInstant Replay

As I was “watching” the big game on Saturday (we played our football rivals) I was thinking about how much I depend on the replay. It’s usually because I get too anxious to watch when it’s happening, so I distract myself by walking away to entertain a grandkid or prepare a meal. My hubby doesn’t particularly enjoy this trait, but he accepts it. And because he’s kind, he’ll usually yell for me to come back … “Mel you gotta see this!”

I think I love photos for a similar reason. It’s not that I want to miss the live moment, it’s that I want to really see it. I want to remember it for as long as I can. A replay isn’t the same as seeing it live, but it captures the great live moment so I can relive it.

Distant Replay

Because I love photos, I have them all over my house. My photos of places and faces contain stories. I especially love candid ones because they usually capture a more accurate view of the story than a staged one. Either way, though, I love photos because of what they represent. And that’s why I usually share photos with words attached. (Oh, yeah. I love words too.) Photos and captions help me remember and rehearse those moments. They help prompt my memory.

To be honest, my memory is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it allows me to recall very vividly so many good things and great times. It’s a curse because I remember the hard/bad things too. In detail. When I see a photo, I’m immediately transported to the moment. I can usually remember if we were all happy or if everyone was actually frustrated with each other or with me for snapping it! 🙂
Whatever it is, it’s captured. And looking through photos provides me with the opportunity to “ponder all the things in my heart…”

In Psalm 103, the Psalmist rehearses his blessings. He reminds himself not to forget.
That’s what photos are for me. They remind me not to forget all the goodness in my life. And remembering the good, above the hard, is the way to maintain a thankful heart.

So, if you “follow” me on social media, you’ll get photos. It’s what I do to create a reminder of what a good Father I have.
And it’s a way to rehearse and be thankful.

Give thanks to the LORD! Call on His name! Make known His accomplishments among the nations!
Sing to Him! Make music to Him! Tell about all His miraculous deeds! Boast about His holy name!
Let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice! Seek the LORD and the strength He gives! Seek His presence continually! Recall the miraculous deeds He performed, His mighty acts and the judgments He decreed.
Remember continually His covenantal decree, the promise He made to a thousand generations –
Sing to the LORD, all the earth! Announce every day how He delivers! Tell the nations about His splendor, tell all the nations about His miraculous deeds! For the LORD is great and certainly worthy of praise, He is more awesome than all gods.
Majestic splendor emanates from Him, He is the source of strength and joy. Ascribe to the LORD, O families of the nations, ascribe to the LORD splendor and strength!

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good and His loyal love endures. We will give thanks to Your holy name, and boast about Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good and His loyal love endures. We will give thanks to Your holy name, and boast about Your praiseworthy deeds.
May the LORD God of Israel be praised, in the future and forevermore.”
‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭16

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