Easter is more than a Sunday – Worship is more than a Song (click here)

‘Cause you can sing all you want to.
Yes, you can sing all you want to, but don’t get me wrong –
Worship is more than a song.

Well, Easter Sunday has now come and gone for everyone.  I’ve been focused on Luke 24 for the past couple of days.  Based on the first few verses in this passage, the day began early for the women as they approached the tomb of Jesus. From the verses, I conclude that they weren’t remembering that Jesus said He would rise from the dead on the third day. (The angel attempted to remind them that He had told them.) Had they really forgotten such a statement by Jesus? Maybe they just didn’t get it, but weren’t comfortable asking Him about it at the time.  Maybe they dismissed it because it sounded too hard to believe when He actually said it.  We don’t really know all that they were thinking when they came with the ceremonial spices that morning, but clearly they were carrying what they had prepared for a DEAD body.

I love how quickly they accepted the angel’s proclamation – HE IS NOT HERE! HE IS RISEN! The scriptures say that then they remembered what Jesus had said! Why not before now?  Maybe too many things had happened since then.  Circumstances that clearly indicated that Jesus was gone.  I mean, the women had gone through so much the past few days.  Until this week, they had followed Jesus through His ministry and seen His miracles.  They had learned from Him. They had seen how He loved them. Jesus had even cast the demons out of one of them! They had come to believe Him to be the Messiah and they followed Him.  But before the angel spoke, all hope was gone. The days had been so dark.  So heavy. Filled with so much pain and sorrow. That’s what they felt.  Boy, can I relate!!??

It’s Easter Sunday and the church is packed! The orchestra plays, the choir sings joyful songs, the congregation joins in – CHRIST THE LORD HAS RISEN TODAY, ALLELUIA! We keep singing …. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD, sing with me ….. I lift my hands to the Lord.  My heart is full.  I sing as loudly as I can without it seeming obnoxious to the people beside me.  The Lord feels so close. 

Flashback to the New Testament passage. I imagine the women waving the palm branches days before Jesus died.  Don’t you see it? I believe they were smiling and waving and singing and dancing and shouting.  HOSANNA! Jesus was passing by – their Jesus.  The One who was going to rescue them.  The One who would bring about all they hoped for. The One they had watched.  The One who really saw them.

But here they were.  Outside the tomb … wondering.  Now, they were faced with the possibility that He was actually alive. They began to hope again.  HE IS RISEN.  The angels words rang out. Yes, they now remembered what He had said.  They quickly left and began sharing what had happened…
Later the same day, some of Jesus’ followers were on a road traveling to a nearby village.  They were talking about the last hours and days.  They too were probably sharing their sadness and confusion. They had heard what the women had said but wondered if it could really be true.  They had lost their hope during these days, as well.  Suddenly, Jesus was walking with them.  They didn’t even recognize Him as He taught them the scriptures as they walked for about seven miles. 

Days before, they too had probably been in the crowd praising Jesus.  Excitement everywhere.  Blessed be Your Name, they had shouted with crowd.   Then the darkness set in.  The soldiers arrested Him. The religious leaders mocked Him. He was crucified and He died. They were all just … so sad.

Why is it so easy to worship Him and praise Him in the celebration?  Why do the songs come so easy when times are happy and the victory is so close we can taste it? Yet the truth is: Christ IS risen! It’s daily now… the new life.  Death has forever lost its sting for those who love Him and have put their trust in Him.  When Easter Sunday has come and gone, will I still feel it?  Do I put my everyday living in the hands of the One who arose?  No stage. No lights. No fanfare. No parade or party. You might could even say that it’s “back to the mundane.” The everyday. The routine.  Has He risen? YES! He IS risen!! Great IS our God … not great WAS our God! So will I live for Him?  Will everyday be about the resurrection?  I want it to be.  I want revival in my life – to be renewed daily.  I want Easter everyday, you could say. 

Lord, the cross brought total forgiveness. May I be cleansed.
The empty tomb brought new life.  May I really live.

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