A Year in the Life of a New Foster Mama, Part One

2013 is well under way with almost one month already behind us! Good grief. 🙂

I am never too sad to see January come and go. For some reason, the month after Christmas is not typically one of my favorites of the year. When we lived in Washington, it was often very dreary and coldish. People would stay inside in January, wishing winter wasn’t so long. And if you were going to be depressed, it seems like January is the time.

But February is almost here and that brings lots of celebrations for us. February 1 marks our 27th wedding anniversary. February 4 is my sister’s birthday. February 14 is Valentine’s Day – so it’s the LOVE month. 🙂 This year, though, we celebrate something really special in February. Last year on February 8, a little boy came into our home and changed our lives significantly. It’s hard to believe that it has been a year. Like Beth Moore said: Time went by fast, although some days were long!

For the next few weeks, I will share the story of Buddy (as he has come to be known on Facebook). I will share his “real” name too in the process. But more than the story of Buddy himself, is the story God is writing for me. I am so thankful for the life lessons that have come since that little guy has come into our family. Life with a 3 yrs old, at this stage of the game in our lives, has been quite unexpected and yet wonderful. I am looking forward to thinking back and reflecting on this journey into foster parenting ….
(Part Two: New Normal)

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