Mother’s Day: Being Thankful Anyway

Mother’s Day is almost here … again.
Every year, this weekend stirs so many emotions in people. Because I’m a mom, I feel some angst about this day. But not for myself. I feel for all those mamas who will fight for joy this weekend in the midst of painful memories, thoughts and realities. I hesitate every year to express my joyful thoughts, knowing that women across the nation will sit on a pew on Mother’s Day Sunday (and some won’t even go to church) filled with sorrow … because their mom is gone … or because their memories of “mom” are too painful … or because their hopes of becoming a mom continue to be dashed … or because they have so many regrets themselves as moms … or because of wayward children that are breaking their hearts.

Many will be tempted to dread this upcoming Sunday because of an ache in their heart.
I realize that.
But I hope and pray that those mamas who know the Good Shepherd will fight their way to thanksgiving, even if it is through tears. We can all be thankful for our Abba Father Who loves us and cares about us as a mother cares for her children. (Is 66:13)
So as I borrow from one of my blog posts from a couple of years ago and express my gratitude, I recognize again the grace of God in my life. I’m breathing it in … great grace … such grace.

Thank You, LORD, that both of our moms know You, serve You, and love You.

Thank You LORD, that our kids all know You, serve You, and love You.

Thank You, LORD, that even though we aren’t all together in body, we are in heart.

Thank You, LORD, that I have three little boys to love who need a mom.

Thank You, LORD, that many years ago, a young mother treasured many things in her heart and chose to release her Son to die for sinful man. What a sacrifice! (Luke 2)

And this year I add … Thank You LORD, for my sweet daughter who is a mom-in-waiting this year!

“LORD, because you have looked with compassion on me, then I will dedicate my children to You all the days of their life.” I’m so thankful that He cares. And that He is good. The prayer of Hannah brings me great contentment … knowing that when I place my children in His care, they are in the best hands – even when it’s hard to see that through the tears.

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