This is my Prayer for You, Will

His name is William. We call him “Will”. He is one week old today. Life is forever changed for the Fry family, now residing in Oregon. Erik and Amanda are going to be great parents. The two biggest reasons is because they love God and because they love each other. There’s lots of helpful parental advice that they will read and receive, but if everyday they follow Christ fully, and love each other deeply, they will be the kind of parents that God has called them to be. What a wonderful truth in which to cling.

Tonight, I think about this little guy. He’s a sweet one for sure. I’m enjoying his first days of life and I’m blessed to be able to share these moments with this precious family. Soon I’ll pack my things and head home. To my home, with my family in South Dakota. And though I’ll be sad to go, it won’t be a hopeless or helpless sad. Because this I know: Emmanuel has come. I watch Amanda as she loves Will … the gentle care she takes as she holds him, feeds him and comforts him. In Isaiah 66 we see a picture of God’s concern for His children likened to a mother’s love for her child.
Yes, the One who created him knows him well. And loves him most.

Kristyn Getty sings it so perfectly …

Before you close your eyes to sleep, I have a promise still to keep.
As I hold you in my arms, I pray your little frame grows strong and that faith takes hold while you are young;
This is my prayer for you.

This world is not as it should be, but the Savior opens eyes to see all that’s beautiful and true.
Oh may His light fill all you are, and the jewel of wisdom crown your heart;
This is my prayer for you.

You’ll travel where my arms won’t reach as the road will rise to lead your feet on a journey of your own.
May past mistakes not hinder you, but His grace remain and guide you through;
This is my prayer for you.

Take His hand and go where He calls you to, and whatever comes, seek Him with all your heart.
This will be my prayer for you.
Father, hear my ceaseless prayer; oh keep him in your care.

I celebrate you today, Will, on this your first week of being born. A first of many firsts for you. I love you, sweet fella, and I think about two important words that James Dobson told his son Ryan after the heartbreaking death of family friend Pete Maravich:
Son, I want to tell you this. Be there. On resurrection morning, be there. I will be looking for you then. Nothing else matters, son. Be there.

Nothing else matters, Will.
Be there.

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