The Fatherless .. where do I fit in?

Psalm 10: Today I’m pondering so much about my purpose here. I mean “here”, as in this life. On this earth.

Adoption seems to be everywhere today …. I mean everywhere I look today. What I read. What I’ve heard. What I’ve seen with my friend and her journey with foster children recently. With my other friend in Idaho who has adopted three children and is praying for me. Where my heart and mind continues to be. I just wish I knew what God means for me and my family. Please help me, LORD, to know Your heart for us in this matter. It’s alot bigger than I am and seems basically impossible.

Radical, actually. I think that most people would say “You just don’t adopt kids when you’re 50-ish.” 🙂
But the words of David Platt I’ve recently read ring in my heart.
We don’t want even one child in our county to be without a loving home. I know it’s not the way of the American Dream. It doesn’t add to our comfort, prosperity, or ease. But we are discovering the indescribable joy of sacrificial love for others, and along the way we are learning more about the inexpressible wonder of God’s sacrificial love for us.

And John Piper puts it in perspective for me, as well:

4 thoughts on “The Fatherless .. where do I fit in?

  1. Healy Family

    Have you narrowed it down to domestic or international adoption? I'm still trying to find a family for a sibling group of 2 girls and a boy. Would josh like a 13 year old brother? 🙂 STILL PRAYING!


  2. Melodye Reeves

    We would love to do an international adoption (we've looked at adoption through Show Hope – I think I told you that) and have a little information on it. Yes Josh would like a brother of any age. 🙂 But remember, this is still MY heart. Brent is willing but not thinking about it near as much as I am. We are talking about it, but I still think for him it's alot more “out there” someday than for me.
    Thanks for continuing to pray.


  3. Alaina

    Mel, Praying for God's will in this….this is amazing….I can't help but feel your family is “perfect” for this calling. God doesn't need us, but chooses to use humbling and exciting!


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