Shades of Grace: No Onions Please

On October 19, 1984, at the beginning of my Junior year, a cute young college guy picked me up from Vail dorm for our first date. On our way to a missions’ conference at Briarwood Pres in Birmingham, he asked me if I would like to grab a bite to eat. Oh! a man after my own heart! Dinner! But as we headed into McDonald’s, I realized right from the start that any attempts to woo me with his big spending would not be his game plan. He also learned something on that first night as we stood in line waiting for my “special order”. First date or not, even with an impression on the line, I would never settle for a McDs burger … with onions. Never. Ever. No matter the wait.
It was the perfect beginning to a long and wonderful relationship! 🙂

The missions’ conference was great and Dr EV Hill’s message that night has never escaped us … If God can get it through ya, He’ll give it to ya! The next week we were sitting on the hillside at SU (where we sat and talked a lot) with a notebook, rehearsing what we had learned, when one of the yearbook staff snapped a photo of us. I have much more to say in future posts about the man who changed my life forever, but on this his birthday, I must acknowledge him and say …
Happy birthday, Brent! I am so thankful God created a fella like you who would love a girl like me. Thanks for not giving up and for calling just one more time to ask me out. Life with you is forever blessed!

Thank You Lord, for BRENT.

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